Sept 13, 2021: Removed the menu item DVDs and Posters. When I visited the page was not presented. Instead a page-not-found error occurred. The link was:

Note that SquareUp was selected at the eCommerce platform by Jim and he was to maintain it.

Sept 13, 2021: The site was updated from WP 5.7 to WP 5.8.1. This update fixed 1 security issue and 59 bugs.

Sept 13, 2021: Updated Yoast SEO

Sept 13, 2021: Updated UpDraft

Sept 13, 2021: Updated Send Grid

Sept 13, 2021: Removed the showtimes page. These displayed dates from 2016 and were there meaningless and perhaps confusing. Note that the pages were not removed – only access from the main menu was removed.

Sept 13, 2021: I checked the site for functionality after making the above changes and WP functioned properly and the plugins functioned proper. Note that the Annual subscription to Gravity forms was not renewed and therefore Gravity Forms may not function. A test was not performed.

Sept 13, 2021: The site was backed up after all these updates and modifications using UpDraft.

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